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A Couples' Cruise, Minus the Couples

UrbanDaddy - Fortress Sins at Sea As you've learned from your wilder yachting expeditions, any scene will get a little crazy once you're far enough off the coast.

Throw in enough refreshments and a private island, and things will get downright orgiastic. And we mean that literally…

Introducing Fortress Sins at Sea, an erotically charged romp overtaking a British fortress island on September 26, and booking reservations now.

Your trip starts on the southern coast of England, where you'll take a private ferry to an island two miles off shore. There, fire-breathers light your way and topless hostesses offer fruit and champagne—so far, a typical Friday. But after a couple hours exploring the nearby private nooks, you'll hear a few choice words from the organizers and the whole shindig will descend into an amorous free-for-all, unburdened by the laws of God or man. (An important note: if it's on an island, it doesn't count.)

This inspired bit of bacchanalia is the work of a Dutch company that's thrown soirees in unusual European locales for the Continent's discerningly debauched elite; recently, their first UK party at a country estate showed even the British upper crust likes to get down and dirty (in a proper sort of way). There are only two rules: dress in all white and don't try to pick up "The Doorbabe" (ah, the Dutch). Beyond that, you'll have enough leeway to satisfy just about every urge that occurs to you...and partygoers like you. 

After all, ain't no party like an island fortress party...


Fortress Sins at Sea

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