LuxLounge at Luxbar

Women On Top

Luxbar's Secret Upstairs Party

Sometimes you need to dig just beneath the surface to find the night's hottest party. And sometimes you need to aim just a bit higher.

This is one of those times.

Introducing LuxLounge, a new female-fueled, off-the-radar Saturday night party-nest now rocking the upstairs of Luxbar.

Don't get us wrong—just because Lux has revamped its second floor bar/dining room with long leather banquettes and some cushy black lounge chairs (and dimmed the lights ever so slightly), you'll still know you're in the Gold Coast's favorite polished brass-and-black-marble playground.

Now, however, you'll feel like you've been invited to an after-work soiree with the waitresses and bartenderesses—all of whom have just taken a crash course at DJ school, thanks to Lux's wonderful commitment to continuing education. The girls will be taking turns keeping the energy suitably amped, playing anything from Lady GaGa to old-school Biggie.

Better yet, they've ditched those Cheers-era downstairs uniforms for slinky black cocktail dresses—so now they can stiletto your Citrus Gimlet or Black Ice (Hennessy Black, vanilla liqueur and vanilla ice cream) right over to you.

You love a woman who can multitask.


Luxbar 2nd floor
18 E. Bellevue Pl
(near Rush)
Chicago, IL 60611

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