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The Tour de France of Beer (and in Milwaukee)

UD - Brew City Bike Tours We love Chicago, but let's face it, even we need a bit of breathing room. Hence Get Out of Dodge, which periodically hooks you up with the best weekend getaways just a short skip away. Get going...

During a bike tour of the French countryside, you expect to pull over every once in a while for refreshment. It's wine country after all.

So it only makes sense that you do the same in beer country.

Introducing Brew City Bike Tours, the best way to get acquainted with that fabled land of hoppy deliciousness to our north, otherwise known as Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Start your leisurely eight-and-half-mile tour at a bike shop just outside downtown, where you'll board your steed for the afternoon: a high-end, easy-to-balance street cruiser perfect for keeping you upright during the four frothy hours that await. Then you'll wind down a lakefront path, behind Calatrava's stunning Milwaukee Art Museum, and tour historic neighborhoods of this onetime Beeropolis, solemnly doffing your cap as you pass the former homes of Schlitz, Blatz and Pabst.

Soon, however, you'll discover a new breed of sudsy enchantment. You'll roll up to Lakefront Brewery to sip Riverwest Stein Beer and other craft brews on their back patio. Then it's off to Milwaukee Ale House, a brewpub where you'll get to know a Flaming Damsel (that's a beer, by the way).

Your final stop is Café Hollander for a couple of Trappist ales and maybe a few well-earned frites. While this Belgian beer hall imports its beers, that's okay.

You've always considered Belgium the Wisconsin of Europe.

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