Around the World in 7 Courses

Going Global

Eating Your Way Around the World

UD - Going Global Desert islands, whiskey cabinets, those naked Bar Refaeli photos—there's much to explore in this world, and so little time.

Which is why we think you need a new way to pack a whole lot of globetrotting into a single evening. So we're pleased to introduce Around the World in 7 Courses, the new secret offering at Susan Feniger's Street.

You won't find this option advertised on the regular menu, but tell them you know us, and whaddayaknow, suddenly it's available. The concept is simple—seven courses, seven regions of the world explored. (More if you count the paired drinks. And you do. You do.)

The global tour commences with Paani Puri, delectable Indian puffs served with a tumeric-spiked Golden Lassi. (It's non-alcoholic, but don't worry, they're just getting started.) Then comes the Singapore-inspired Kaya Toast—dipped in a messy poached egg, it's kind of the best hangover food ever—with a Bavarian beer called Ayinger Brau-Weisse.

And then things start getting really passport-y. Ukrainian dumplings with a French white wine. Scandinavian Beet and Apple Salad with a hard cider from Oregon. Crispy lamb tacos with an Argentinean red.

And to finish: donuts. They're Turkish, and they come with a Tunisian fig brandy.

Finally, the perfect date for that Irish-Native American-Kenyan-Sri Lankan beauty you've been seeing lately…


Around the World in 7 Courses
at Susan Feniger's Street
742 N. Highland Ave
(N. of Melrose)
Los Angeles, CA 90038

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