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Unless you're reading this from a private yacht purchased with poker winnings, we imagine you're always on the lookout for someplace to go in a casino when the dealers don't seem to be on your side.

And should it involve killer burgers, bourbon milkshakes and the culinary acumen of one Robert William "Bobby" Flay, we say it's worth the gamble. Introducing Bobby's Burger Palace at Mohegan Sun, the best thing to happen to organized gambling since gambling became organized.

Now, you don't read Playboy just for the articles, and you're probably not going to head to Mohegan only for the burgers. But this is something for your back pocket next time a pit boss catches you counting cards, and the craving for food (and flight) comes suddenly.

Excuse yourself from the table and make your way past the Earth, Wind & Fire cover bands to BBP. The menu stocks classic American burgers with a regional twist, but you'll want to cut right to the Dallas Burger, a spice-crusted Angus patty smothered with Monterey Jack cheese, house-made BBQ sauce, sliced pickles and a version of coleslaw so delectable it probably shouldn't be called coleslaw.

In a highly innovative move, you can also top any burger off by "crunchifying" it with a layer of Lay's-brand smooth potato chips.

It may be the best decision involving chips you make all night.


Bobby's Burger Palace
(in the Mohegan Sun)
1 Mohegan Sun Blvd
Uncasville, CT, 06382


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