You vs. the Volcano

The Wildest Place in Russia

We're sure you've already noticed, but there's a lot of magnificence and grandeur out in the world...and not just the kind you see in Vegas. We're talking about the kind of soul-shaking vista accessible to only the toughest of travelers.

Those with true grit. Or, now—you.

Introducing the Land of Ice and Fire, a two-week trek up some of the roughest terrain in Kamchatka, Russia—including volcanic craters, windswept tundra and lakes of boiling mud—starting July 20.

From the moment you touch down, you'll be scaling mile-high peaks, touring arctic bays via helicopter and blazing across the frozen ground on an ATV, making your way through every last bit of untamed splendor the wild east has to offer (and we know how you like your splendor).  You'll have a guide to help you navigate, and a full set of camping gear for the nights when there's no hotel nearby, but otherwise it'll just be you and the empty plains.

It's a physically demanding trek—one that you will need to bear without masseuses—but your reward is an up-close look at things most people have never even seen in pictures. And on the off-chance you find yourself jonesing for a spa, Kamchatka has the next best thing: a pond-sized hot spring in the middle of the tundra.

Just don't forget your towel.


Land of Ice and Fire

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