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You and Your Shirt, Making Sweet Music Together

UrbanDaddy - The Music Tee Look down.

We need to discuss what you're wearing. It's fine. Sharp. Well done.

But it probably doesn't play music.

And since you're always looking for a little something extra, allow us to introduce The Music Tee, now available at Ron Herman.

The concept from LNA clothing and the Invisible DJ is something like the 21st-century version of your favorite concert tee from junior high, with all the street cred (real or imaginary) that entails. On the front is album art, and on the back, a playlist of tracks from up-and-coming musicians like Charlie Mars and Theresa Andersson. Once you buy the shirt, you go online, plug in the URL and unique code from the LNA shirt's tag, and you can download that compilation for free. (Well, free in the sense of just having bought a $60 T-shirt.)

If you've not yet discovered Theresa Andersson and are therefore not inclined to use your back as her ad space, well, there's just the one mix album for now, but soon you'll be seeing many more throughout the land—Mos Def's drops sartorially in July—thus enabling you to finally go music shopping in the casual-wear section.

We can't wait for the double-album sports bra.


The Music Tee
at Ron Herman
8100 Melrose Ave
(at Crescent Heights)
West Hollywood, CA 90046

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