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Govino Shatterproof Wine Glasses

UrbanDaddy - Govino Wine Glasses The weekend picnic, it's one of your specialties.

You hit up Epicure for a crusty baguette, some French cheeses and a few bottles of full-bodied reds. But as you're unpacking the bounty on a nice stretch of South Pointe Park, you realize that set of Riedels you've so thoughtfully included has somehow cracked in transit.

And now your picnic is ruined. As is your chance at blanket love.

We can't let that happen. Hence, Govino Wine Glasses, your new sexy and recyclable shatterproof glassware.

At first the stemless wine glasses seem ordinary enough. Aside from a thoughtful side notch for gripping, the design is minimal and graceful. It's not until you realize that what seems like thin-rimmed crystal is actually pharmaceutical-grade plastic (meaning it's unbreakable) that the true rewards of this beautiful vessel are revealed.

And just because these bad boys are made of plastic doesn't mean you can't experience all the pleasures of your favorite pinot. The glasses have plenty of swirl, and the plastic reflects the wine's color and aromatics just like your favorite tumbler. At 16 ounces to the brim, they could even double as elegant beer glasses.

We're just saying.


Govino Wine Glasses
at Sunset Corners
8701 SW 72nd St
Miami, FL, 33173

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