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Arnie and Ronald followed their political dreams to Sacramento.
You only go there under duress. But if you happen to be heading north to help straighten out some of our state's issues, you might as well get in a little trouble.

Welcome to The Citizen Hotel, offering The Full Stimulus Package—a sultry one-night escape steps from the capitol that feels like a little San Francisco oasis in the heart of Sacramento—taking reservations now.
The Citizen is what a hotel would look like if The Washington Post and W Hotel opened up a joint together. You'll see photos of Reagan and Jerry Brown in the lobby (and one of a bodybuilding Arnold in the ladies room at the lobby lounge Scandal), but once you get to your suite, things start looking more familiar.
If you want to meet with your state rep, a scotch at Scandal's bar should loosen things up. And if you require a bit more...confidentiality, your room is decked with a Naughty Love Box (think: blindfolds, feather ticklers…), so you'll have plenty of material to work up some tabloid headlines.
Book the Governor's Suite, a penthouse with an outdoor terrace overlooking the capitol. Upon arrival, unwind downstairs with some martinis, before retiring to your room, where you'll find a gratis bottle of bubbly and dessert to set the mood.
Come morning, they'll knock the secret knock, let themselves in and deliver complimentary breakfast in bed.
The meal of champions.


The Citizen Hotel
926 J Street
(at 10th)
Sacramento, CA 95814


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