Natsu Bad

Japan, meet Italy. Italy, meet Japan.

Antipasti and Ahi. Tartufo and Tobiko. Pesto and Ponzu. Not your typical menu ingredients. At least not for one restaurant. Opening tomorrow in midtown, Natsumi is set to be the best (okay, the competition isn't fierce) Japanese-Italian fusion restaurant in New York.

Before you wave your red flags—midtown, fusion, hotel dining—know that the food is inventive and the atmosphere is subtle and colorful. Perfect for a midtown date or business lunch.

Split in two by the lobby of the Amsterdam Court, Natsumi is a tale of two rooms. The lounge is anchored by a waterfall wall that sits behind the triple duty bar (raw bar, sushi bar, liquor bar). The colors are bright and the tables are low. Across the lobby, the main dining area is a more traditional Japanese restaurant with koushi (room dividers) creating intimate pockets throughout the room.

Sushi is the name of the game here, although you could easily call it Crudo (the Italian version of fresh raw goods). The New Style Carpaccio (i.e., hamachi with balsamic vinaigrette), Fortissimo (seared salmon with avocado and peperoncini), and Doppio Toro (tuna, yellowtail, asparagus, pesto) are all winners. And the entrees are just as fun and fusiony: try the green tea ravioli or the beef tenderloin with shitake peppercorn sauce.

Think of it this way: now you have the perfect place to take your Japanese-Italian girlfriend living in Hell's Kitchen. clay


226 W. 50th St
(between Broadway and 8th)
Midtown West
New York, NY, 10019

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