Champagne Wishes, Pilsner Dreams

Say Hello to the Champagne Lager

It's the final countdown to St. Patrick's Day: T-minus 10 days.

You've never needed a special occasion to justify drinking beer—but a special occasion does call for a little something extra. To distinguish your St. Patty’s night of imbibing from, say, last Tuesday, you'll want a brew that truly stands out. Consider the Krait Prestige Champagne Lager.

The world's first champagne beer, Krait Prestige is essentially Stella Artois meets Veuve Clicquot. Produced in Belgium—a country that previously introduced the world to such peculiar ingenuity as yeast-leavened waffles and The Smurfs—Krait Prestige is fermented twice, including once in the bottle, an expensive process generally reserved for fine sparkling wines. (You know our motto: double the fermentation, double the class.) Smooth and subtly sweet, the beer-pagne flows easily from an elegant black bottle and finishes dry.

And because it's part bubbly, Krait Prestige boasts an alcohol content higher than your typical pilsner: 8 percent. The recently launched 13 oz bottle will run you anywhere from $11-25. Once in your possession, untwist the cork, savor the complex floral notes and take pleasure in the fact that somewhere Dom Perignon is rolling over in his grave.

A tasty adult beverage that also pisses off the French...what took so long?


Krait Prestige Champagne Lager

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