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The Best Peep Show in the Warehouse District

A good peep show is hard to find.

No pun intended.

But today, we're excited to report: we've found one.

Welcome to Theatro, lifting the curtain Friday night in the Warehouse District and adding a little dramatic flair to your late-night club options.

Think of Theatro as Eyes Wide Shut minus Tom Cruise, a few masked orgies and the password "Fidelio." To find it, head to the gritty corner of Lake and Peoria and make your way up to the second floor of the space formerly occupied by Reserve. There you'll find a darker, moodier and sexier place now, all polished black surfaces, leather seats and sparkling chandeliers.

If you're with a group, order a bottle and stretch out in one of the large black leather banquettes. There's a fancy cocktail list in the works, so at some point you'll want to mosey up to the impossibly long bar, order a Dirty Blonde (vodka, Lillet Blanc, olive juice) and see what's out there. But as you settle into the DJ's throbbing baseline, keep an eye on that curtained stage near the center of the room. At random intervals during the night, the veil will fall, revealing a Lucite box filled with that moment's entertainment.

Which could be anything—from burlesque dancers doing a sultry boom-shish-ka-boom-boom number, to contortionists folding themselves into all manner of shapes.

Or maybe a bit of both…


858 W. Lake St
(at Peoria)
Chicago, IL 60607

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