Bon Bon Chicken

Kickin' Chicken

Poultry of the Asian Persuasion

In case you haven't noticed, Asia's culinary muscle is mighty.

So it was just a matter of time before NYC experienced the fusion of Far East tastebud sensibilities with America's adoration for fried poultry. The name of this inevitable collision: Bon Bon Chicken.

Now open for delivery (takeout starting later this week), Bon Bon prepares what you've always dreamed of but were to afraid to ask: made-to-order, Asian-fried chicken. Owner Nelson uses all-natural ingredients to ensure transfats are a nonfactor and layers his free-range, sweet-and-sour-succulent birds with a thin, delicate Asian-ified crust. UD sampled the goods: the Dirty Bird-meets-neighborhood-Chinese-restaurant vibe is palpable.

Menu-wise, Bon Bon keeps it Chipotle simple: after stating your preference for legs, wings or tenders, select from two flavors (soy-garlic mild and red-chili spicy) and three sizes (small, $7; medium, $12; and large, $19). All orders come with the only other items Bon Bon fashions: cole slaw and rolls. (In other words, it's just like lunch at Grandma Feng's, minus the boilermakers.)

Best of all, if you're between Canal Street and the Financial District, Bon Bon will bring the vittles to you. Because when the weather is so frigid that a trip to the corner feels like an arctic expedition, you don't want to leave your toasty confines—not even for Chinese chicken.


Bon Bon Chicken
98 Chambers
(between Church and Broadway)
New York, NY, 10007

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