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Note: Tilted Kilt had to postpone their opening until next week. Check back for updates.

Scotland and Ireland possess a certain windswept, misty allure that's hard to resist. We've always thought it had something to do with all that scotch and beer. But apparently, it's all about the girls.

Introducing Tilted Kilt, an afterwork drinking/dining/flirting option opening tomorrow in the Loop, helping you reimagine the British Isles as a far sexier place. (Call it Hooters with a brogue.)

You'll take an escalator to the sprawling second-floor space, located in a historic Jewelers Row building now transformed into your mahogany and peat-green playground. After being greeted by one of the many saucy lasses who tend to this place dressed in an outfit seemingly out of Victoria's Secret: Edinburgh—white, barely buttoned dress shirt exposing lots of midriff, mini-kilt and matching pushup bra—you'll be free to get your UK on.

If you're just after a beer—of which you'll find a pretty admirable international selection (Boddingtons, Smithwick's, Dos Equis)—order at the bar and make your way to the pool tables and Golden Tee, which provide a view of the less fortunate souls standing at the Madison and Wabash "L" stop.

If you're hungry, you'll find the menu has a certain tilted humor of its own—Big Arse Burger, Sloppy Jane Sandwich, Fat Bastard's Meatloaf Sandwich.

But there's nothing funny about haggis.


Tilted Kilt
17 N. Wabash St
(N. of Madison)
The Loop
Chicago, IL, 60602


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