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Next weekend's Super Bowl should be a fun six hours at the pub.

If, however, you step into a Bears hangout proudly wearing your royal blue Manning replica and shouting "Down with Lovie," it could quickly devolve into Bloody Sunday. To avoid a melee, find a watering hole that embraces your athletic allegiance with urbantailgate.com.

Created last fall, Urban Tailgate unites fans of football, hockey, basketball or baseball both online and in the bars. The process is simple: After registering with the site, enter your favorite teams, be they college or pro. (Trust us, they've got 'em all—even your coworker's beloved Western Illinois Leathernecks.) The site tells you the most popular bars for watching a particular squad. For example, for the Super Bowl, Bears fans will be convening at The Gael Pub on the UES; Colts backers, a few blocks away at Dorrian's Red Hand.

But what makes UT special is it's not just a stagnant database. It continually monitors where users say they're watching games and bumps the better-attended spots to the top of the list. There is also a "Friends" feature whereby you can drill down on more specific details on your team's fan base—i.e. you can finally meet up with all those Panthers fans from Bucknell who favor a Yuengling.

Because, thank goodness, they're out there.

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