Family Meat

Not Your Ordinary Butcher

Yes, throwing down a perfect New York strip is impressive, but sling some alligator tail and you'll really win yourself some friends.

Well, your meals of elk sausage and emu are just a step away. Hidden away on the LES in the depths of the Essex Street Market, past the fresh-food vendors, you'll find a neon sign glowing above four massive coolers—it's Jeffrey's, the most exotic meat locker in the city.

Step up to the glass and let Jeffrey help you take a walk on the wild side—he'll tell you why wild boar is a better choice than the not-so-supple otter breast for your company potluck (who'd have thunk it), or why grilled ostrich will make Super Bowl Sunday forget it ever saw chicken wings. Once you've selected your meat, he'll pull it out, trim it right and tell you how to prepare that dreamy antelope steak for your dinner date—if you're lucky, he might even recommend a wine pairing.

If not on hand, he'll do whatever it takes to retrieve unusual requests, from wombat belly to kangaroo, turtle head and rattlesnake. And if your culinary skills are limited, he offers ready-made feasts called "Dinner by Jeffrey," showcasing his finest meats stuffed with artisan cheeses and fresh vegetables.

Those 3am caribou cravings are about to be a thing of the past.


120 Essex
(between Delancey and Rivington)
Lower East Side
New York, NY, 10002

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