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Zero Proof Party Sends You Monthly Mocktail Kits

It's All the Fun and Flavor Without the Alcohol

Image: Shaker & Spoon

There are plenty of reasons that people choose to lay off alcohol, either temporarily or long-term.

There are the classics, like Dry January and Sober October. Maybe you're on a health kick. Or perhaps you've decided to cool it for a while due to what shall henceforth only be referred to as "the wedding incident." 

Regardless of the circumstance, just because you're not drinking booze doesn't mean you're content to sip water all night.

Enter Zero Proof Party, a new subscription club from your pals at Shaker & Spoon that delivers unique and thoughtful mocktail kits to your doorstep each month.

Ordering an N/A cocktail at a bar often leads to the barkeep grabbing some ginger beer and mint and calling it a day. But fortunately, it's becoming more common for bars to offer zero-proof sections on their menus, utilizing zero-proof spirits and high-quality ingredients to create more inspired offerings. 

In this case, each recipe has been crafted in partnership with a world-class bartender, resulting in full-bodied, delicious non-alcoholic cocktails you can make at home.

When your kit arrives, it will be stocked with everything you need. All you have to do is follow the included recipe card or instructional video, and you'll be sipping a refreshing cocktail in a matter of minutes.

One example featured drink is from bartender Sharon Yeung, cofounder of the popular Daijoubu pop-up. The kit includes tea, walnut bitters, lemon oleo citrate, Szechuan syrup and a taster bottle of The Pathfinder, a fermented and distilled hemp-based N/A beverage. 

Right, so about 1,000% better than a Shirley Temple.

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