This Gadget Turns Any Watch into a Smartwatch

The Ganance Heir Smart Disc Attaches to Your Favorite Timepiece

Image: Ganance

Smartwatches are great for tracking your steps, logging your workouts and reminding you how poorly you slept the prior night.

But they're not so great at pairing with a nice suit, or showing your off personal style.

The Ganance Heir wants to change that. It's a new smart disc that attaches to your favorite watch, imbuing it with the power of a smartwatch without changing the handsome aesthetics of what's on your wrist. You can reserve one now on the website, and products are expected to begin shipping later this summer.

The three millimeter disc attaches via micro-suction to the underside of your watch case and sits against your skin. It features select functionalities commonly found in popular smartwatches, like tap-based controls, health tracking and notifications, which can all be controlled via a corresponding mobile app. For now, the app is only available for iPhone, but the brand's website says to stay tuned for Android compatibility.

ganance heir watch

Pull up said app, and you'll be able to see data like steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, days active and other metrics. You can also set up custom alerts, like a reminder to take a break and stand up if you're usually deskbound or sedentary.

The disc itself runs on a battery and lasts for about 42 hours, which is more than Apple Watches and most other smartwatches. You can charge it with the accompanying charging dock.

Stick the Ganance Heir to any watch you own—it easily adheres to multiple surfaces and doesn't leave any residue. So you can match your watch to your outfit or the occasion without losing your tracking data.

Though you might think twice before running a marathon in your grandfather's old Patek Philippe.

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