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This Texas Whiskey Brand Lets You Build Bespoke Bottles Online

Choose Your Base Spirit, Proof and Finish with Oak & Eden's Whiskey Customizer

Image: Ben Christensen

Making beer at home is a reasonable task employed by countless people.

Making your own liquor is a different story. 

Unless you're comfortable risking fire and potential blindness, distillation is best left to the professionals.

So skip all that and simply call up Oak & Eden's new Whiskey Customizer, an online tool lets you create bespoke bottles to your exacting standards.

North Texas-based Oak & Eden is known for its unique in-bottle finishing process, in which they slip oak spires straight into bottles, thereby giving aged whiskeys additional flavor and character. Those spires are available in a variety of finishes, including coffee, honey, maple, cabernet and port.

oak and eden whiskey customizer
Oan & Eden

The company's new Whiskey Customizer puts even more control directly into your hands. Cue up the site, and you'll see options for four different base spirits: bourbon, wheated bourbon, four-grain bourbon, and rye. From there, you can choose the proof (90 or 114), the type of wood spire (American or French oak) and the finish. That last one is where you'll find 11 options, from honey and port to more unusual finishes, including pineapple and blackberry liqueur. You can also add your name or initials to the bottle to personalize it further.

Once you're done, Oak & Eden will get to work, merging your chosen whiskey with an infused spire at their facilities. Then they'll ship the bottle straight to your house. The whiskey that arrives on day one will change slightly over the coming weeks, as the spire mingles with the liquid. And best of all, you can almost truthfully tell people that you're a whiskey maker now.

Which will look great on the skills section of your resume.

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