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Landrace Origins Pairs Coffee with Cannabis

Drink Some Coffee, Smoke a Little Weed, Have a Nice Day

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Food and wine pairings are a respected part of the culinary tradition.

Coffee and cannabis, while a popular duo for many, aren't quite there yet. 

But a new company wants to highlight the well-suited pairing, so that your next coffee break might include a toke of the good stuff.

Landrace Origins is the first specialty coffee brand that encourages consumers to pair their coffee with cannabis, offering unique pairing suggestions that match the tasting notes of coffee to those of cannabis flower. 

The company is a collaboration between Scott Johnson, who runs Los Angeles-based Black Stallion Coffee, and his cousin, a cannabis entrepreneur named Amber Senter. Together they're taking the extra step to not just provide the origin stories behind the beans, but to also shine a light on cannabis growers. 

landrace origins coffee bags
Landrace Origins

The idea is that coffee and cannabis are beloved rituals for people around the world, and the two crops share supply chain similarities that allow consumers to support farmers over corporations, so putting them together is a natural fit. 

Landrace Origins sells a variety of coffees, with each bag displaying where it comes from, what it tastes like, and which cannabis strain it pairs best with. For example, the Congolese Single Origin beans hail from the Democratic Republic of Congo, include notes of black tea, grapes, caramel, butter, brown sugar and almonds, and would go swimmingly with Red Congolese sativa or Durban, a sativa hybrid strain from South Africa.

Cozy SZN is a blend of coffees from Nicaragua, Honduras and Costa Rica, tastes like cocoa, orange marmalade and jasmine, and pairs well with Lemon Cherry Gelato, a hybrid strain that combines Sunset Sherbet with Girl Scout Cookies. 

Landrace coffee is available online, but the company doesn't sell weed. You'll need to procure that on your own, which can be difficult depending on your location. But with 20 states having legalized recreational marijuana, and more to come, it's getting easier than ever to pair your coffee with a good smoke.

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