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The Most Popular Halloween Candy in Every State

Plus Some Unkind Words on Circus Peanuts and Candy Corn


Another October, another opportunity to stuff yourself with candy.

And, provided you're not a nine-year-old, another opportunity to buy multiple bags "for the trick-or-treaters" when, in reality, you're not fooling anyone. It's for you. And we applaud your decision.

Rather than get a little misty-eyed at the prospect of diving headfirst into a bowl of artificial sugar, we'll just tell you how candy preferences vary by state, thereby giving you primo water cooler talk on November 1.

Fortunately, we didn't have to conduct a telephone poll to obtain this data. We just leaned on, an online retailer that's been shipping bulk candy across the country—and tracking sales—for 15 years.

The 2022 data is in, and we can report that Sour Patch Kids and M&Ms tie for America's favorite candy, with seven states choosing each as their top choice. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups rank second with five states, Hot Tamales and Tootsie Pops get the nod from four states, and Starbursts are preferred in three states. 

map of america's favorite halloween candy

There are a few outliers. Apparently Louisiana is really into Lemonheads, and Georgian's prefer Swedish Fish. So, keep that in mind at your next trivia night. 

It's worth noting that the above data is from bulk sales. Polling puts Reese's at number one, followed by M&M's, Snickers, Skittles and Sour Patch Kids.

Now, for stats on America's least favorite candy, polled 15,000 people, finding exactly what one would expect: Circus Peanuts and Candy Corn are terrible. They ranked one and two, respectively, followed by Peanut Butter Kisses, Wax Coke Bottles and Necco Wafers, all crimes against humanity. Six through 10 are rounded out with Smarties, Mary Janes, Tootsie Rolls, Black Licorice and Good & Plenties. 

Which begs the question: What the hell are Mary Janes? 

See the interactive map to check where your state lands.

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