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Westward Whiskey Club Sends Exclusive Bottles Straight to Your Home

Get Access to Whiskeys You Can't Find Anywhere Else


There are several ways to buy exclusive bottles of whiskey that aren't available on your average liquor store shelf.

But if you don't want to meet a stranger in a parking garage or spend your life savings at auction... then your options are more limited.

That's where whiskey clubs can help, although most just curate already-existing bottles for you. Which is nice, sure, but nothing you can't do yourself.

Now, here comes Oregon's single-malt powerhouse, Westward Whiskey, offering something you can't do yourself.

The recently launched club, smartly called the Westward Whiskey Club, is sending bottles straight to your home that you can't find anywhere else. Because they're distilled only for its members. 

westward whiskey club
Westward Whiskey

You can choose from two memberships. The Explorer Club sends you one bottle of whiskey per quarter, while the Cask Club sends you three bottles per quarter. Both memberships grant you access to release-day parties, events and library releases, as well as exclusive access to vault tastings and whiskey blending sessions.

The Westward American Single Malt Belgian Ardennes is an example of what might show up at your door. This release reflects Westward's craft brewing roots and was created with an Ardennes Farmhouse yeast from Portland's Culmination Brewing. This popular yeast—named for the Belgian Ardennes Forest and used in classic saison, farmhouse and Trappist ales—was chosen for its banana, clove and black pepper notes, which complement Westward’s signature dried fruit and baking spice flavors.

Other club-only releases might feature unique grains in the distillation process or be finished in wine casks, all for the purpose of letting you sip on experimental whiskey.

The most noble of all pursuits.

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