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Emotional Support Beer Is Here

It's Like Having a Dog, but Made from Hops and Illegal to Bring on Planes


Emotional support animals have been shown to benefit mental health in a variety of ways, including by reducing anxiety and lessening depression.

Beer, while not as loyal or soothing to pet, offers many of the same qualities.

So perhaps it was inevitable that we now have an Emotional Support Beer. It's a new product by Woodstock Brewing in Upstate New York, and you can order it online now for all your health drinking needs.

It started last year when a Brooklyn man named Floyd Hayes registered his favorite beer as an emotional support animal. At the time, he said: “I’m not permitted a dog in my building, so I thought an emotional support beer would be more appropriate. It helps alleviate my anxiety and is a cost effective way to manage stress.”

woodstock brewing emotional support beer
Woodstock Brewing

It's hard to fault his logic. Naturally, his emotional support beer registration was quickly revoked, and that seemed like the end of the story. And yet, here we are.

Woodstock made the beer in collaboration with Hayes, deciding on a hazy Citra IPA that clocks in at a nerve-settling 6.7% ABV. According to the brewery, the beer is a limited release, but they're planning to make it at least once per year. So if you miss out on this round, keep your head on a swivel for round two.

Just in case you're feeling cynical about all this, the brewery is donating a percentage of sales to Operation at Ease, an organization that takes dogs from shelters and pairs them with veterans and first responders. So, some actual good is coming out of this. 

Well, more good than you just drinking a fun new beer.

And then posting pics on Instagram of you walking that beer on a leash.

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