Adorn Your Walls With AI-Generated Art

AI Art House Uses Artificial Intelligence to Make You Custom, One-of-a-Kind Paintings

Image: AI Art House

Buying artwork isn't easy.

First, you've got to find the right piece—something that appeals to you on a personal level, but also goes with the rest of your home. Then, you've got to pay for it. And if the piece in question is even remotely rare, that can be difficult. 

As a result, your walls may mock you with their blankness for years.

AI Art House could be the solution. It's a new operation that is using artificial intelligence to create custom paintings that look like something a classical master would've made, but for a fraction of the price.

ai art house paintings
AI Art House

The company's AI software analyses art from the past to create new computer-generated paintings on museum-quality canvases. Using "generative adversarial network" technology, it can learn and recognize patterns, and then apply them to new interpretations. So the art it makes looks just like something a real, live human would've painted.

The options range from abstract to impressionism, with creative compositions and attractive landscapes of the type you normally have to observe from behind a velvet rope. 

You can browse and purchase works via the online gallery. Each piece is only printed once, so when you buy it, it's gone—no one else will ever have the same piece that you have.

At a cost of $239 for a 24-inch x 24-inch painting, there aren't many more cost-effective ways to decorate your dwelling.

Unless you're really into movie posters.

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