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Have a Cocktail. Then Email One to a Friend.

One Part Co. Offers DIY Infusion Kits for Making Good Drinks at Home

Photo: Julia Gartland

Do you need a drink? 

Do you know someone else who needs a drink? 

Do you prefer email over other forms of communication?

This is for you.

One Part Co. is making all-natural infusion blends that can be mixed with alcohol and quickly turned into unique cocktails. It's an easy way to make good drinks at home, without needing an arsenal of ingredients or any particular skill. And their Email a Cocktail service is an easy way to help others enjoy a good drink, too.

The standard infusion kit includes a 375 mL bottle (half the size of a typical liquor bottle) with a walnut cap and a stainless steel infusion basket that's ready to hold a single packet of any of the company's 1pt infusion blends. There are 19 different pre-packaged blends of herbs, spices, florals, botanicals and teas—with no sugar or additives—that infuse flavor into any spirit in just a few hours. 

1pt cocktail infusions
Rocky Luten

Those flavors range from mint, citrus and lime to smoky and, yes, even pumpkin spice. They also have blends geared toward specific spirits like gin or tequila and blends for making bloody marys and mulled wine. So choose your favorite flavors, mix and match, or buy a variety pack to keep things interesting.

If you prefer to make your boozy infusions inside 750 mL bottles, that can be arranged. The bottles are reusable and feature six customizable labels, a funnel with a built-in strainer and a set of infusion tools to help you make it happen.

Once you're all sorted, consider buying a drink for a friend. This universal gesture of kindness, one as old as drinks themselves, is a great way to connect with someone in these crazy times we're living in. One Part Co.'s “Email a Cocktail” service is essentially a gift card, but better, because it can be redeemed for drinks. Send one over, and your friend will receive a personalized message and a link to redeem a kit with their choice of infusion blends. They'll get enough to make six drinks, so you're actually buying them six cocktails.

Hopefully they remember that the next time it's their turn to buy a round.

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