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5 CBD Hot Sauces to Try Now

Calm Things Down as You Heat Things Up

Photo: Thomas Evans / Unsplash

Hot sauce is a quick and easy way to add some extra flavor to your favorite foods.

Tacos, pizza, fried chicken, eggs, rice, noodles... they're all candidates.

CBD hot sauce works much the same way. Except you also get the calming, pain-reducing effects of cannabidiol, which—hey, synergy. 

Here are five CBD hot sauces that will calm you down as things get heated. 

Hot Sloth CBD Hot Sauce
Photo: Henry Hargreaves

Hot Sloth CBD Hot Sauce
This condiment comes from Mike Bagale, the former executive chef of three-Michelin-star Alinea, and journalist Kat Odell. The tangy sauce features habanero, lightly fermented plum and a funky base note of umami, courtesy of Japanese white miso paste, plus Pot d’Huile CBD olive oil. Put it on all things cheesy, fried chicken, fries and breakfast sandwiches. / $36, Pot d'Huile

Satan's Breath CBD Hot Sauce
Photo: Satan's Breath

Satan's Breath CBD Hot Sauce
Crafted with a blend of six fire roasted peppers, including serranos, habaneros and Carolina reapers, it's guaranteed to satisfy your craving for heat. And maybe cause a little pain (the word "Satan" should be a dead giveaway). Toss it with chicken wings, and have a cold drink at the ready. / $20, Hemp Hop

loud grandma chile oil
Photo: Calvin Eng

Loud Grandma CBD Chile Crisp Oil
Brooklyn chef Calvin Eng created this approachably hot, crunchy condiment as his take on the Chinese-made Lao Gan Ma. His version features plenty of chiles, Szechuan peppercorns, garlic, onion, fermented black soybeans and tomato paste. Spoon it over rice bowls, noodles, instant ramen, vegetables and eggs. / $29, Pot d'Huile

aroma culinary cbd hot sauce
Photo: Aroma Culinary

Aroma Culinary CBD Hot Sauce
Brooklyn Chef Leighton Murdock is behind Aroma Culinary, a line of CBD-laced seasonings and condiments. The CBD hot sauce is made from a blend of six fire-roasted peppers. You might as well throw in some of his CBD honey and BBQ sauce while you're at it. / $30, Aroma Culinary

CaJohn's CBD Hot Sauce
Photo: CaJohn's

CaJohn's Burning Desire CBD Hot Sauce
Founded in Columbus, Ohio in 1996, CaJohn's makes a lot of hot sauces. But the one we're concerned with today is the Burning Desire sauce, which is made with orange habaneros, pineapples, papaya and guava alongside vinegar and CBD oil. It's a little fruity, a little earthy, and works on damn near anything. / $9, Hot Sauce Mall

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