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This Rare Cocktail Costs $10,000

And Just Like That, Your New Year's Resolutions Are Broken


If you resolved to drink less in 2020, that's commendable.

If you resolved to save more money this year, okay, very wise.

But if you resolved to blow your disposable income on one very expensive cocktail, then boy do we have something for you.

Get a load of the Rare and Fine cocktail that recently launched at San Manuel Casino in Highland, California. It costs a cool $10,000 and is available while supplies of the vintage booze last.

The drink was debuted alongside the new Hong Bao Kitchen restaurant and two new high-limit rooms at the casino, one with gaming tables and one with slots. So, there's a theme here, and that theme is this: You will need some serious coin to partake.

San Manuel Casino

If you do order the cocktail (or just want to read about it), you'll get a Manhattan-esque drink made with the very rare A.H. Hirsch 16-Year-Old Reserve 1974 Bourbon, itself a covetable, hard-to-find bottle that easily goes for a few thousand bucks. That's mixed with vermouth made from a 100 point Bordeaux, plus a dash of even rarer Hardy cognac and some house-made bitters. The Luxardo cherry and orange peel garnish are speared on a gold-and-diamond cocktail pick, and it's all served in a Lalique crystal glass. You get to keep those last two as souvenirs, so you'll walk away with some resale value after finishing the drink.

Yeah, it's over-the-top, but there are worse ways to spend 10 grand at a casino. Especially considering that San Manuel's new high-limit rooms let you put down $25,000 on one hand of black jack. 

So, ordering this drink will be the safest bet you make all night.

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