Hot Damn, This Is a Nice Coffee Grinder

Display It Prominently. Pass It Down to Your Heirs. Grind Some Coffee With It.


Maybe your morning coffee ritual involves a $10 pot and some Folgers.

Or maybe you enlist a high-end espresso maker and locally-roasted beans.

We only know one thing for certain: next year, it should probably involve this decidedly attractive and functional coffee grinder.

The Ode Brew Grinder comes from Fellow, makers of several other coffee-improving products. It's not expected to ship until August 2020, though, so that gives you plenty of time to clear some counter space.

Ode Brew Grinder

The sleek machine uses professional-grade burrs, rather than blades, which results in a more consistent grind. It's quick and quiet, so you won't wake up the whole house if you're up early. And rather than a large bean-storing hopper, where the beans can oxidize and turn stale, this sports a single-dose load-in to keep things fresh. 

Once those beans are ready to go, you can customize your preferred grind with 11 separate settings and 31 partial steps between. Keep it coarse for cold brew, and move toward a finer grind for pour-overs.

The end result is you drinking better coffee. Which might turn into you having a more productive day and crushing your upcoming [insert whatever important thing is on your agenda here] and finally getting that promotion you so deserve.

But, at the least, drinking better coffee. 

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