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Monday Morning Coffee: Duo

Like a French Press, but Different

By UrbanDaddy Staff ·
There are lots of ways to make coffee.

You’ve got your drip machines, French presses, pour-overs and cold brews.

You’ve got your espresso machines.

And then there’s the most classic of standbys: having someone else do it for you.

But the guys from Fellow have added something new to the mix. It’s called Duo, and it’s kind of like a French press but also kind of not. It makes coffee via the same extraction method—add hot water to coffee grounds and let it sit there awhile. But it’s got a two-chamber system for separating the liquid from the grounds before you pour, which is supposed to result in cleaner-tasting coffee.

It goes like this:

1. Add your coffee grounds and hot water to the top chamber and wait a few minutes. Standard stuff, thus far.

2. Twist the top. That’ll release the liquid through dual filters and into the bottom chamber of the contraption while keeping the grounds separated up top.

3. Pour coffee into mug.

4. Drink it.

Hopefully you’ve mastered that last part by now. And since the grounds and liquid were separated, you can let the extra coffee sit inside the bottom chamber without worrying about overextraction. It also means that you won’t be pouring any leftover grit into your cup like what often happens with a traditional French press.

This changes everything. Well, no, it doesn’t. But it does change one thing. More of a tweak, really. But still...

New coffee gizmo.

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