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The 10 CBD Treats You Need To Survive Thanksgiving

It's Everywhere: Sparkling Water. Dog Treats. Beer.

By Hadley Tomicki ·

It's Thanksgiving.

And your uncle is starting in on the impeachment "farce."

And your mom is starting in on your life choices.

While your cousin brought some unholy monster called “Tofurkey” to the table.

And then there's you. Feeling 30% less annoyed by everyone this year.

Because you followed our guide to The 10 CBD Treats You Need To Survive Thanksgiving.

It's a fun roundup of the latest and greatest forms this natural cannabinoid takes. We’re talking about CBD sleep aids, CBD dog biscuits and CBD beer. CBD hangover cures and CBD energy boosters from guys in metal bands.

Whatever it takes to get you through the week... 

Mad Tasty is like the LaCroix of CBD. An all-natural, sugar-free sparkling water in flavors like grapefruit and watermelon-kiwi from the singer of OneRepublic and Interscope Records. Only these cans come packed with 20mg of CBD. And an unwavering ability to put "Apologize" in your head all day.

This subscription box from Hemp Crate Co. contains a cache of new CBD products in each monthly delivery, so you can find new items you enjoy using. It's sort of like the physical manifestation of this roundup.

Got a hangover? Sore muscles? Maybe just a lumpy pillow? The Good Patch should have something to treat what ails you, with CBD-laced patches designed to treat a host of different maladies. Still, we'll put "new pillow" on our holiday shopping list.

CBD is everywhere. Wait, wait... almost everywhere. First you need to place Joy Organics’ CBD face mask with phytocannabinoid-stocked hemp oil on your grill. Okay, now CBD is everywhere.

Waveland is a whole leaf tea infused with non-GMO, Pacific Northwest-cultivated, broad-spectrum CBD. It is available in green, black and white tea, as well as a caffeine-free South African rooibos. And that's what Waveland is.

Moody's CBD Throat Potion and one-shot energy drinks come from the singer of Vegas-based metal band Five Finger Death Punch. Who presumably knows something about losing one’s voice since all the songs are all like, “Rwaaawrgwaaarrrrgk!”

Two Flowers is a West Coast IPA out of Oregon packing 5mg of CBD per pint. Make sure to mention the citrus notes you taste from the terpenes after your first sip. It'll sound smart.

Living Water has a melatonin-and-CBD sleep aid syrup. It comes in a purple grape flavor or a cherry red. Just in case, say, Lil' Wayne is coming over for Thanksgiving this year.

Is your dog being a bad trip? Consider buying him Active's CBD oil-infused peanut butter-and-pumpkin biscuits. And then hide them really well from your stoned friends.

Problem: You’re not trying to get high per se.
Other problem: Smoking a big fat something to mellow out those inclined after a Thanksgiving feast wouldn't be the worst thing in the world before the game begins.
Solution: Roll up some frosted lime hemp flower, currently one of the nation’s most lauded CBD pot strains for its anti-inflammatory and pain-fighting abilities.
Conclusion: No problem.

Hadley Tomicki

Hadley Tomicki lives in Los Angeles. He is probably going nowhere on the 10 Freeway this very second.

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