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Carbon-Negative Vodka Made out of Thin Air

Protecting the Planet Never Tasted So Good

Air Co.

There are plenty of great ways to reduce your carbon footprint and help protect the planet.

For example, you could plant some trees, run your house off solar power or drive a more fuel efficient car.

Alternatively, you could just drink some vodka and call it a day.

That's thanks to Air Co., a Brooklyn-based startup that's taking excess carbon from the air and turning it into actual, drinkable vodka. The end result is packaged in handsome glass bottles that are available now in New York and can also be ordered online.

To make it happen, Air Co. first captures carbon from the air. They then employ a solar-powered conversion reactor to turn that carbon into ethanol and water. The ethanol gets distilled and purified before it's diluted down to the standard 40% ABV. 

Since no crops or irrigation are required to create the spirit, these guys are skipping the agricultural process completely. Instead of producing greenhouse gases, each bottle accounts for the same daily carbon intake as eight trees, making this a carbon-negative product.

So, this stuff is better for the environment, sure. But none of that means it tastes good.

(It tastes pretty good.)

The mostly neutral vodka is smooth, clean and mildly sweet. It'll work just fine with some dry vermouth in a vodka martini or paired with some tonic. And with each drink you have, you're doing your part to protect the planet.

It feels so good to help.

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