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This Caviar Butter Will Dress Up Everything You Eat

Bread, Potatoes, Steaks... Don't Be Shy


Butter is a rich and decadent food.

Caviar: even more so.

Mix them together, and you get... caviar butter, obviously. 

It's one hell of a condiment. 

This stuff comes from Marky's, a purveyor of small fish eggs, foie gras, truffles and other fancy foods, and it's available online now for overnight shipping. 

To create it, they employed a ratio of 65 percent French butter and 35 percent sturgeon caviar, which sounds like good math to us.

Once you've got a 3.5-ounce tin in your hands, you can begin applying it generously to bread, steaks, baked potatoes, lobster, scallops, cold hors-d’oeuvres, hot hors-d’oeuvres, bagels, canapés, and just about anything else that's not cereal or a grapefruit. 

It'll last for about four weeks in your fridge and up to six months in your freezer, so you can always have some at the ready. For those times when you want to treat yourself. Or you're hosting someone special. 

Or you want to one-up somebody's side dish on Thanksgiving Day.

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