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Lobster Rolls That Come to You

All the Mail-Order Crustaceans, Breads and Condiments Required to Make Lobster Rolls at Home

Hancock Gourmet Lobster Co.

If you're driving along the New England coast during summer, it's hard to go more than a few miles without stopping for some lobster. 

Sure, you can wear the bib and crack some claws.

But that's messy. It takes work.

Lobster rolls, on the other hand... those can be swiftly placed into your possession and then consumed like any other sandwich. Except better, because it's a lobster sandwich. 

Now, if you've got travel plans that will take you to New England this summer, great, good for you. Don't have to rub it in. For everyone else, here are five of the best lobster roll kits that you can order online and have shipped to your location—usually overnight. Because, once you've decided to order a lobster roll online, things have clearly gotten serious.

The source: Eventide Oyster Co.
What's inside: Don't let the name fool you. The James Beard Award-winning, Maine-based oyster purveyors also ship a mean lobster roll. The kit includes succulent lobster, brown butter vinaigrette, steamed bao buns and chives for garnish. And, if you want to (oh, you want to), you can choose to tack on some whoopie pies for dessert.

The source: LobstahBox
What's inside: You've got a few options to choose from here. If you just want lobster rolls, that's easy—they'll send you fresh claw, knuckle and tail meat, plus split-top rolls, wet naps and step-by-step instructions for putting everything together. Want some chips? They've got those. Care to include some clam chowder? Also yes. Require a blueberry pie? You see where this is going.

The source: Legal Sea Foods
What's inside: This Boston-area favorite is simple and delicious. You can expect lobster, of course, plus house-made lemon mayo and mini brioche rolls. They're the perfect party sandwich, if you're open to sharing.

The source: McLoons Lobster Shack
What's inside: This family-owned lobster shack is a favorite stop among road-trippers. Fortunately, they will share their bounty with anyone, as evidenced by this kit stocked with lobster meat, split-top rolls, sea salt butter and mayo.

The source: Hancock Gourmet Lobster Co.
What's inside: With a pedigree dating back to 1946, Hancock knows its way around a lobster. Their kits include everything you need, from fresh lobster salad and New England rolls to chips, chowder and dessert. You can even sign up for a monthly lobster roll subscription, which feels equally excessive and prudent.

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