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A Sparkling CBD Drink Sounds Perfect Right Now

It's a Refreshing New Way to Mellow Out


Fortunately, it’s 2019 and nobody has any reason whatsoever to panic about a thing.


But at least in 2019 you can get a sparkling drink laced with CBD.

So here's Bimble, a fizzy beverage that packs 25mg of CBD into a natural refreshment you can hold in your hand. And then drink. It's available online now, and New Yorkers can also find it at retailers around the city.

You probably know CBD by now. It’s that powerful element derived from cannabis that doesn’t get you high or stoned but does make you noticeably relaxed. It’s also said to reduce inflammation—the cause of many a modern ailment—and help with your sleeping and pain management. 

And it’s found in, oh... a couple of products these days. So the fact that everyone and their hip mom is selling CBD makes it difficult to know the quality and quantity you're ingesting, let alone what the hell else it contains. Bimble went the other route, following that whole transparency thing that's so popular right now.

Every 12-ounce bottle contains 25mg of broad-spectrum, hemp-derived CBD with not a single trace of THC to be found. The grapefruit-basil-mint flavor is made with sustainable raw honey from Vermont (side note: the founder is an amateur beekeeper—it's too bad the name Bumble was already taken) and natural fruit extracts. The blueberry-lemon-ginger flavor is also made with natural ingredients, triple-filtered New York water and citric acid. Nothing you can’t pronounce.

And, bonus: it’s only 50 calories, so it won't sabotage your summer fitness regimen.

Or cause late-night Cheetos binges. 

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