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A Truly Historic Weed Strain from the Drummer for the Grateful Dead

It All Started One Night on Shakedown Street...


There are few people you'd want to buy a joint from more than a member of the Grateful Dead.

Except maybe Snoop Dogg. 

Or Willie Nelson.

But those two already have their own weed strains, so, uhh...

Introducing Mind Your Head. It's a new line of pre-rolled joints from the renowned drummer of Grateful Dead and prominent weed connoisseur, Mickey Hart. It's available now at select dispensaries across the Bay Area. 

With the normalization of legal weed, it's become en vogue for pot-friendly musicians (aka, most musicians) to release their own line or strain of weed; on top of Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson, somewhat less obvious suspects like Post Malone and Jenny Lewis, have also entered the field as of late. Cannabis, one might say, is the newest form of merch.

Like all products with a famous-person stamp of approval, these new strains vary in terms of quality and celebrity involvement. Hart's seems like the real deal. That's because it's powered by Chemdog. According to lore, Chemdog was the name of a cannabis breeder who, following the Dead in 1991, happened upon some of the best bud he'd ever smoked on Shakedown Street—the nickname for stoner-y tailgates at the jam band's concerts—outside of the Deer Creek Amphitheater in Indiana. Mr. Chemdog tracked down the growers, and soon after, his eponymous strain was born—influencing, in more ways than one, over 25 years' worth of Deadheads. 

According to Leafly, the folks from IC Collective, the award-winning NoCal growers behind Mind Your Head, have genuflected at the hazy altar of Chemdog for years. They bred iterations of the legendary strain for years. When they partnered with Hart, they more or less reverse-engineered Chemdog to produce their own "boutique array." 

The result is, akin to the original, a "potent heirloom hybrid with deep cerebral energy," so it's probably ideal for rocking out to live renditions of "Scarlet Begonias." The weed is sold in tins of ten mini-joints, the artwork for which Hart designed himself. Each mini-joint contains 1/3 of a gram. That's less than your typical joint, but, as Leafly reports, Mind Your Head's weed is testing at up to 30% THC—meaning it falls on the very high end of the "getting you stoned" spectrum. 

Which we can't say comes as a surprise. 

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