The Hurried Person's Guide to Spring Cleaning

The Seven Best Apps for Helping You Hit the Refresh Button This Spring


You can go about your spring cleaning the old fashioned way, by pulling out the ol' mop and broom, jettisoning the winter clothes you'll never wear again and vigorously scrubbing the surfaces of your home. 

Or you can take our advice and harness the latest technology to streamline that tiresome process. Sure, you'll probably still need to do a vigorous scrub or two; your phone doesn't know how to work a sponge (at least not yet). But your outlook will be much brighter with the aid of a few virtual friends.

Herewith: the seven best apps for helping you hit the refresh button this spring. 

The Task: Organizing your belongings. 
The AppSortly. It's an easy-to-use home inventory app that helps you take stock of all the shit you own, assess their value and ultimately help you decide what needs to stay and what needs to stay. Think of it as a more scientific way of discerning whether an object "sparks joy."

The Task: Cleaning your email inbox. 
The App: Superhuman. It's an entirely new email client that uses an AI to determine and highlight your most important emails, incorporates keyboard shortcuts for every action, shows you when people have read your emails and clicked on your attachments, allows you to snooze conversations and has a built-in undo send button. You can request access now.

The Task: Clearing your mind. 
The App: Happy Not Perfect. In addition to a store of self-help-y guides, the app offers both a quick Daily Dose of meditation and a seven-step process they call "Refresh," which involves deep-breathing, a questionnaire designed to help you identify and let go of your daily worries, and an ever-changing "mini mind game." 

The Task: Getting rid of stuff.
The App: Shpock (Android and iOS), which basically serves as a mobile classifieds section, and should help you find a new home for that mini shuffleboard table you impulsively bought over the holidays and have never once used since. 

The Task: Actually tidying up.
The App: Tody. It's a Martha Stewart-approved personal-assistant-in-app-form that recommends the frequency with which you should do specific cleaning jobs, helps you manage and keep track of them and even features an indicator that tells you how far the task is from its "optimal day of execution."


The Task: Figuring out how to manage your time better.
The App: RescueTime. The name says it all. This app tracks how much time you spend on certain (other) apps and websites, sets goals and provides you detailed reports of your activity. If you let it, RescueTime will even go so far as to block specific sites after you've spent too much time on them. Sorry, Twitter...

The Task: Clean out your closet. 
The App: Mode-Relier. It basically turns your phone into a virtual closet, and even lets you see how certain outfits would go together—proving once and for all that your beloved, yet garish bomber jacket is no longer serving any purpose. 

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