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Mode-Relier Is Here to Make Summer Travel a Little Less Stressful

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At some point over the next few months, maybe Memorial Day, you're going to have to set aside some time to pack a bag, full of only the most stylish and versatile clothing necessary for your vacation. A tedious task, we know, but somebody's got to do it (and that somebody is definitely probably you).

Here to help expedite and optimize that process is Mode-Relier, which is French for "Fashion Connection" and English for "an app that helps you organize your clothes into a virtual closet and try stuff on without actually having to trying stuff on." It's available now for the iPhone

So...a little bit about how to make the most of this thing. First, download it. That always helps. Then, add the items in your closet, using the in-app camera, and categorize it by item, brand, color, etc. While this may take some time, depending on the size of your wardrobe, the time you'll save not deliberating in front of the mirror in the future is worth it.

The most useful aspect of the app is the "Style Room," where you can virtually see how your pieces may go together, and save various looks for specific events. Mode-Relier even takes into account how the seasonal light, your skin tone and hair color may effect the overall look, which is only kind of creepy. You can even grant access to other people—i.e. your lovely partner—to enter your room, so they can weigh in (and possibly brainstorm matching outfits, if it's that kind of vacation/event). When you're out shopping, you can also take pictures of the items and see how they go with the clothes you already own, so you don't make the mistake of, say, buying that bold floral jacket that totally doesn't actually go with those equally bold burgundy pants. That kind of thing.

Packing-wise, you can see how this app could save you some real hassle. Instead of laying everything out across your room, seeing if this goes with that and that goes with this, you can perform all the legwork on your phone, while you're riding the train or not paying attention in that redundant weekly work meeting.

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