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Look, Here Comes the Shake Shack Truck

A Fantastical Automobile Filled with ShackBurgers and Frozen Custard


The kitchen in truck form: it's been a thing for quite some time now, doing the good work of delivering tasty tacos, frozen treats and all manner of freshly-made snacks to populous areas around town. 

And now, it may've reached a tentative zenith...

Introducing the Shack Truck. As you can tell from the picture above, it's exactly what it sounds like: a truck for Shake Shack. It's not roving around your city—at least not yet—but it is available to swing by your next outdoor fête, whether it be a wedding, a bachelor party pre-party, a birthday or simply a celebration expressly conceived to honor the fact that, yes, you have a Shake Shack truck at your disposal. You can request a booking by filling out an inquiry here.

Indeed, not since an entrepreneurial gentleman named Mr. Burt enlisted dozens of trucks to sling his new ice cream confection—the Good Humor bar—has an automobile carrying comestibles stirred up such public interest. According to a Shake Shack spokesperson, the truck has already received an overwhelming amount of inquiries since it launched last week, so if you want any chance of booking this thing for spring/summer shenanigans, you'll want to act fast. (Though we have not received reports of a proprietary Shake Shack jingle, we're holding out hope.)

A few germane details: barring any exceptional logistical issues with your event, every menu item will be available. Chick'n Shack sandwiches with buttermilk herb mayo. 'Shroom Burgers, topped with fried, cheese-filled portobello mushrooms. Classic ShackBurgers and chocolatey frozen custard creations and flat-top hot dogs and crinkly cheese fries. All of them can be made fresh in the truck. There there are no minimum order requirements, either, meaning this gathering of yours doesn't have to be outrageous. Hell, you could even request the truck for just you. That would be kind of sad. But it's possible.

There is one caveat, unfortunately. The Shack Truck is currently only operating in the Tri-State and greater Atlanta area—and, as of now, there are no plans to expand to other cities. 

It's true. Life really isn't fair. 

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