Republic of Booza: An Ancient Mediterranean-Style Ice Cream Shop Lands in Williamsburg

With Scoops Supposedly Way Smoother, Denser and Creamier Than What We're Used To

By Ilana Dadras ·

"Just what the hell is booza, anyway?" you may be wondering. Fair. Well, apparently it's the frozen dessert from which the ice creams we know today evolved, first developed in the Mediterranean some 500-plus years ago. It's also smoother, denser, creamier and more elastic than its modern counterparts... and it's available at this new Williamsburg scoop shop in 35 flavors. 

The menu runs the gamut from "normal" flavors like chocolate and pistachio, to slightly less "normal" flavors like candied cream and black walnut, to not-"normal"-at-all flavors like saffron peppercorn, Bloody Mary sorbet and Sichuan white chocolate. 

Now open, Republic of Booza, 76 N 4th St (at Wythe), 718-302-5000

Ilana Dadras

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