Tacocina: For Mezcal Negronis and Pork-Mango Tacos in Domino Park

Danny Meyer Is Behind Williamsburg's New Outdoor Taqueria on the Waterfront

By Ilana Dadras ·

The newly revitalized Domino Park just opened on the Williamsburg waterfront, and it's looking like a beautiful place to hang with friends, catch the sunset and eat far too many tacos. Here to assist with that last initiative is Tacocina: Danny Meyer's colorful new taqueria with a focused menu of guac-and-chips, six tacos including those of the shrimp-chayote tartar and chicken adobo variety, and vanilla ice cream sandwiches dipped in chocolate. The mezcal negronis to go with them, too.

Now open, Tacocina, 25 River St, 646-783-6825

Ilana Dadras

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