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Negroni Coffee: Now a Thing

Caffè Umbria's Special Blend Captures the Essence of Your Favorite Italian Cocktail

By Sam Eichner ·

You might've heard by now, from us, that this week is Negroni Week. It's a fake marketing holiday, yes. And it's true, we totally don't care about fake marketing holidays. But that being said... we love Negronis. So we'll take any excuse we can get to bring you Negroni-related news, even if it means reneging on our principles. 

Speaking of which: ever heard of Negroni coffee?

Nah, we hadn't, either—until the folks at Caffè Umbria brought it to our attention. The Seattle-based roasters have developed a blend they believe approximates the somewhat bitter, deliciously citrusy flavor of the renowned Italian cocktail, using a full-bodied mixture of Kenyan and Mexican coffees. Their third-generation Italian Master Roaster, Emmanuele Bizzarri, gave the blend a medium-light roast in order to bring out the full potential of the flavors, resulting in a delicious coffee that may very well conjure up fantasies of sipping a real Negroni on a shady patio in the Italian countryside. It's other side effect is increased lucidity due to caffeine. Which is pretty standard.

You can purchase the grounds online or sample the coffee at Caffè Umbria's locations in Seattle, Ballard, Portland or Chicago, in several iterations, including a cold brew, through June 30th. In addition to providing you with a unique, celebratory blend, they're also donating $1 from the sale of each bag to No Kid Hungry, an organization dedicated to ending child hungry. 

Check out the goods here

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