Your Saturday Morning Yoga Class Is Going Down at Seamore's Dumbo

You'll Then Have Smoked Bluefish Benedicts for Brunch

By Ilana Dadras ·

If you didn't know, and why would you know really, the man behind Seamore's and the co-owner of The Meatball Shop is a fitness fiend. 

We do have a point. Read on.

It's why, this Saturday, you can head to Seamore's Dumbo for a slow-burn yoga class (Y7, so it won't-not be hard) followed by a family-style brunch of smoked bluefish benedicts, mushroom frittatas and blueberry spelt French toast. 

You'll have earned it.

Jun 2, 10:15am, $50, Seamore's Dumbo, 66 Water St (between Dock and Main), 718-663-6550, tickets here

Ilana Dadras

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