The Perpetual Rain Date

An Indoor Shuffleboard Oasis, Enclosed Rooftop, and Late Night Movie Game Plan... Bring on the Gray Skies.

By Ilana Dadras ·

(Re-)introducing Spring Dates: a super creatively titled series where we dream up every kind of person you might be out with, every situation, every weather, and every allergy possibility and put them into a special machine that spits out flawless itineraries for up to a full day of planned togetherness. Either that, or we just crafted them from stuff we know and like. We'll never tell.

Today, we have for you The Perpetual Rain Date, because in this gray and rainy and seemingly never-ending stretch of your existence, you somehow still feel like doing things with people whose company you enjoy. Find a bit of refuge in this slideshow full of indoor shuffleboard courts, enclosed rooftops and theaters for late night films and cocktails...

We're going to make it through, after all.

Ilana Dadras

Ilana Dadras passes her days writing about good food, talking about good food and consuming good food. Occasionally doing other things, too.

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