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A Cannabis Margarita, Anyone?

They Come in Bottles and Are Here For Your Happy Hour

By Hadley Tomicki ·

A bottled cannabis margarita has finally cleared its last regulatory hurdle and is coming your way.

California-based Tinley Collective is releasing its weed-laced version of a margarita this week and we even have the hookup to some of the first few batches for you, below.

While Tinley’s cocktails do have THC in them, they are completely alcohol-free. Instead what you have is a beverage that tastes like a margarita, that doesn’t get your drunk, but will get you stoned. Perfect for the margarita drinker who’s really just in it for the taste. And also happens to love getting high within the next ensuing hour or two.

Of course, the drink could be considered by some as a potential mixer. A little herb-laced margarita in an actual margarita could do wonders for your night, if you’re the intrepid type. And indeed, Tinley has discussed releasing actual cocktail mixers based on the flavors of rum, amaretto and whiskey.

Or you could take the $8 bottle straight to your head. We tasted Tinley ourselves this weekend and found it to authentically resemble the flavors of a margarita, with no discernible weed taste whatsoever.

The drink’s 10mg of THC wasn’t exactly strong enough to get us where we’re going (as a reminder, God made us large with a high tolerance), but provided a pleasant, discernible body buzz. The 10mg per serving limit is a result of California’s new legalization laws, which has taken the potency out of many edibles, but provides a nice baseline for newcomers. Drinking more than one of these to get a sufficient dose of THC is probably not in the plans of a seasoned stoner, though, when simpler, more powerful, options exist.

But whether or not Tinley is for you may be beyond the point. The company is ushering in a new genre of products that could be almost be viewed as a corollary to e-cigarettes,  allowing drinkers the taste of a cocktail, with any effects coming from marijuana, which has never killed a human from ingestion, rather than alcohol, which... you know.

Tinley allows near endless customization of your beverages, both liquor-free and boozy, creating a new playing field of ways to get fucked up or enjoy The Dark Side of the Moon on vinyl.

If you’d like to try Tinley for yourself and count yourself a California, Santa Ana’s 420 Central is offering home delivery of Tinley this Memorial Day weekend to specific LA and OC neighborhoods.

Hadley Tomicki

Hadley Tomicki lives in Los Angeles. He is probably going nowhere on the 10 Freeway this very second.

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