Hunan Slurp Shop: A Contemporary Chinese Beauty in the East Village

Hunan Rice Noodles, Hunan Charcuterie, Other Varied Hunan Goodness

By Ilana Dadras ·

Hello and happy Tuesday.

Today we have for you Hunan Noodle Shop: a modern space for modern Chinese made by a highly talented, highly homesick chef-slash-artist (more on that later). It's now open in the East Village, and ready to host you and a date you're comfortable slurping a bowl of noodles in front of. 

We'll break it down into some easily digestible sentences, below...

Chef Chao Wang has spent the past 25 years as an oil painter.
Needless to say, the dishes present more beautifully than most. 

He views cooking as an extension of his art.
But also, as a way to feel less homesick for his hometown of southern China's Hengyang, Hunan—where one awakes to the slurping of noodles, and falls asleep with noodles in one's stomach. (Or so one says.)

It's BYOB right now, but they'll have drinks for you as of this fall.
Mark those calendars. Just kidding, but thought you should know.

There's a couple things you've got to try.
Note the Fish Fillet Mifen, for which he slow simmers pork bone overnight before adding wok-fried fish. You'll throw in the noodles, fish filets and seasonal greens yourself. Note, also, the Hunan Salad (grilled pepper and eggplant, preserved duck egg, soy sauce, sesame oil).

We could go on, or we could direct you to these photographs of both those dishes and other dishes you'll want to eat. 

Yeah, we prefer that option, too.

Hunan Slurp Shop, soft-open now by reservation only, 112 1st Ave (between E 6th and E 7th), 646-791-5440, see the menu and the slideshow

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