The Bari: A Sleek New Space for Korean-Japanese in Noho

With Sweet Pineapple-Barley Drinks and Uni-Truffle Risotto

By Ilana Dadras ·
Photo: Oleg March

Everyone, meet The Bari.

The Bari, this is everyone. 

She's a beauty of a Korean-Japanese spot with a thing for uni, and she's open now in Noho.

There's much to like about this place. Start with the setting: a sleek, minimal space that's shades of gray, marble and amber lighting, all centered around an open kitchen. Feels right for the type of beautifully presented Asian eats that you're about to be faced with. Right, so come with friends and claim a booth sometime. Tonight works, sure. Start with some sake—or maybe, maybe even something non-alcoholic: they've got things like lemongrass-lime soda and sweet pineapple barley water on offer.

It'll all pair well with plates like steamed bone marrow with kimchi and breadcrumbs and/or crispy milk bread crusted pork ribs with Korean miso, which are two things we'd suggest starting with. From there, you should know that the word "bari" translates to "bowl," and that's essentially what you'll find here. Many ceramic bowls. Inside said bowls: uni and risotto with mixed mushrooms and truffle oil; Wagyu steak with shishito; and uni bibimbap with minced and pickled root vegetables, quinoa puffs and nori rice. A strong stress on uni here, which no one's ever minded in this history of mankind.

Now, time for some photos.

The Bari, now open, 417 Lafayette St (between E 4th and E 8th), 646-859-0383, see the menu and the slideshow

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