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Part High-End Grocer, Part Intimate Dining Experience

Merchant Roots Can Do It All

By Joe Starkey ·
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You've been looking to up your grocery game.

By, like, a lot.

We're talking housemade charcuterie, preserves, pastries, fresh pastas. Maybe even some meal kits.

Hell, let's even throw in a multi-course, single-table, gourmet dining experience and a chef who spent some time in a two-Michelin-starred restaurant.

It seems that what you seek is Merchant Roots, a fancy-pants new market from a sommelier and chef team whose resumes definitely err on the impressive side. It opens tomorrow in the Fillmore. Here's the slideshow.  

The hand-painted window sign and pasta counter will greet you as you enter this bright, white-and-blue-accented space and begin to shop around.

Pick up some of the aforementioned items and a little wine, along with some curated local goods like Mutari Chocolate from Santa Cruz or a pre-selected meal kit for home cooking. Then, sate your immediate hunger with a sandwich like the mortadella sando with pt. reyes toma, arugula, bavarian mustard, focaccia

Linger a bit. Weave a tale. Swirl your wine around contemplatively and marvel at this thing called life. Or just eat regularly. Those were just suggestions.

Oh, and you'll want to be first on the list for when they roll out their single-table, tasting-menu, intimate dining experience dubbed the Table in six or so weeks.

You know, just your usual grocery store stuff.

Joe Starkey

Joe Starkey is the tallest person in the room 90% of the time. He enjoys liquors that aren’t smoky, dive bars that are, and has a vague dread that someone, somewhere might be having more fun than him.


Merchant Roots
1365 Fillmore St
(at Ellis)
San Francisco, CA, 94115


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