Toro Loco: An Attractive New Mexican Joint in FiDi

Mezcal Burlesque Brunch on Saturdays, Tequila-Salted Honey Drinks and Nachos All Other Days

By Ilana Dadras ·
Molly Tavoletti

Just a quality Mexican option way down in the heart of FiDi.

One with tequila-aloe-salted honey drinks, Mexican burgers and mezcal-fueled burlesque brunches on the weekends...

Assuming we now have your undivided attention, meet Toro Loco: a lively new spot behind a pale pink door on Stone Street, soft-open now with brunch launching on, yes, Cinco de Mayo. 

Here's what to know about it.

It's an attractive place that doesn't take itself too seriously: a millennial pink façade gives way to a space full of colorful tiles, bold Mexican-inspired art overlaid on newspapers with a sizable sugar skull mural upstairs. Casual-leaning dates, friend outings, drinks before more drinks at The Dead Rabbit are all fair reasons to find yourself here. As is the need for an unusually entertaining Mexican brunch. 

Should you find yourself here at night: Firstly, decide what you want mixed in with your tequila/mezcal. The Smoke Show's got tequila, grapefruit, apple bitters and smoked cinnamon—or there's The Devil in Disguise, with mezcal, ancho reyes, creme de cassis, sage and ginger beer. Both impressive. Then, get some nachos for the table. Everyone will thank you for it. And from there, carne enchilada pork tacos, grilled smoked ham and pepper jack-topped burgers, adobo fries... 

Should you find yourself here for brunch: Just know a DJ, burlesque dancers, unlimited plates and five brunch cocktails each will be happening.

Best to know that going in.

It's now slideshow time. Your favorite time.

Toro Loco, soft-open now and officially open May 3rd, 15 Stone St (between Broadway and Broad), see the menu and the slideshow

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