Why Yes, That Is a Taco Truck Tucked Inside The Garret East

For the Carnitas Tacos Your Mezcal Drink Longs to Be Paired With

By Ilana Dadras ·

There now lies an authentic taco truck in the back of The Garret East, open nightly to quell the Mexican cravings of the patrons of the East Village cocktail den. 

You've got everything you might need to quell said cravings: from NY strip steak tacos with salsa borracha and grilled onions; to fish tempura tacos with mango pepper salsa; to carnitas tacos with roasted pork belly, confit pork shoulder and deep fried pork skin; to other things that are not tacos, like a killer guacamole and/or ceviche. 

Post up at the bar and let it come to you, or head back to one of the twelve seats near the truck with a mezcal-cachaca-fennel-salted honey drink and get into it there.

Borrachito, now open, 206 Ave A (at 13th St)

Ilana Dadras

Ilana Dadras passes her days writing about good food, talking about good food and consuming good food. Occasionally doing other things, too.

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