A Casual Tuscan-Inspired Eatery for All-Day Indulgence in Soho

Chicken-Ricotta Meatball Sandwiches in the Daytime; Lobster Spaghetti When the Sun Goes Down

By Ilana Dadras ·

Euro-style smoothie bar blasting 2012 Calvin Harris. 

Appointment-only build-your-own-lipstick shop.

Neighborhood coffeeshop with a line of tourists out the door.

Indulgent all-day Italian spot for chicken-ricotta meatball sandwiches and/or lasagna bolognese.  

We'll end our virtual tour of Prince Street right there at Coco Pazzo: a casual-leaning Italian spot back after ten years and open right now in Soho, right as you read these very words. You could do a lot of things here, really. Such as:

Bring a friend and stop by for lunch. The kind who will enjoy a hedonistic portion of rigatoni alla buttera, with pork sausage, tomato sauce, cream and spices. When the weather's warm, utilize the take-away counter and order a couple of brisket pot roast-brussels sprouts-fontina cheese sandwich to enjoy on a nearby park bench, or whatever it is people do when it's nice out, we forget. 

End a day of shopping with some good wine. You're in the area, so you may as well try a bottle of 2012 Syrah Nina Lee from Spring Valley Vineyard. And if you also order a platter of cured meat and burrata, so be it.

Nurture a budding relationship over heaping plates of carbs. Like the lobster spaghetti and/or four cheese baked rigatoni with herbed breadcrumb gratin. They've also got these shareable platters of sliced ribeye with Tuscan fries or a Tuscan-style fish-shellfish stew followed by pasta, because of course it is.

Behold the beauty...

Coco Pazzo, now open, 160 Prince St (at Thompson), see the menu and the slideshow

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